Need a loan to bride the gap? QVC Financial Solutions offers bridge loans that will help to buy time until you can secure funding for what you really need. Your loan will be processed in 24 hrs which gives you the comfort of knowing the money will be ready quickly. The loan amount may vary depending on the customer and the payment terms may span from one (1) month to one (1) year.


Proof of Identification

  • Valid ID (Driver’s License, National ID or Passport)
  • TRN
  • Proof of Address ( Utility Bill, Credit Card Statement, Bank Statement)
  • One (1) Passport sized photograph
  • Two (2) references

Proof of Income

Salaried Person

  • Last 3 months’ Payslip
  • Last 3 Months’ Bank Statement

Self Employed (Registered Business)

  • Copy of Business Registration
  • Most Recent Financial or Income and expenditure statement
  • Last 6 months Bank print-out

Self Employed (Unregistered)

  • Income and Expenditure Statement
  • Last 6 months Bank Statement

Proof of Assets

  • Verification of Assets (Copies of Land, Motor Vehicle or House Title)