QVC Financial Solutions is a loan service provider located in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica. It was established in May 2021 with a mission to provide flexible loan solutions to all Jamaicans. QVC Financial solutions is registered as a limited liability company with the Companies office of Jamaica and is legally authorized to operate business of this nature. The company was formed to provide loans solutions to people who did not adequately met the bank requirements. The company will also provide loan services to clients that need a large sum of money within a short timeframe who are looking for an easier process. The company will set itself above the rest by providing Excellent customer service with great interaction and advisory consultations with clients that choose to do business with them.

Mission Statement

QVC Financial Solutions is committed to improve the financial status of our clients and the wider community we serve by providing hassle-free credit solutions at competitive interest rate and outstanding service to our customers.

Vision Statement

To distinguish ourselves by providing a flexible credit facility to our clients with exceptional customer service and affordable interest rates.

Core Values

  • Transparency – To be open and honest to our clients about our services and offerings.
  • Customer Experience – Always striving to meet our customer’s expectation and always considering what they need.
  • Efficiency – Obtaining the best outcome in the least inefficient manner by maintaining a dynamic and flexible process.
  • Dependability – honouring our commitment by being reliable and trustworthy and delivering loan solutions within a set timeframe.
  • Loyalty – Dedicated to our mission and our cause for establishing the business. We will solve financial issues and help clients achieve their goals